The most accurate and complete analysis available.
Foresight Sports HMT (Head Measurement Technology) combined with a GC2 unit precisely
captures club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen. With HMT,
the most comprehensive analysis of a player's swing and club head performance
is now available. Instantly see critical data such as club head speed,
horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie—even impact

TrackMan Analysis data
The ultimate objective of golf is to make the golf ball behave the way we want it to.  Changes to ball behavior can be effected by either adjusting one's swing (skill development) or adjusting the equipment (club fitting).

TrackMan Combine
The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that assesses a golfer’s shot-making ability at a variety of distances. Based on the results, golfers and coaches can assess strengths and weaknesses in the player’s game. The TrackMan Combine takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and consists of 60 shots to 10 different targets. 
Connie DeMattia utilizes a video training system at the Cantigny Golf Academy developed by the country's leading experts on golf instruction and sports performance. This system is proven to accelerate the learning process.

"HOT LINES" is a patented computer feature that can detect if a student's body or club is in desirable or undesirable positions throughout the swing. The video system provides instant feedback to the student.

The Cantigny Golf Academy and the "HOT LINES" feature are also used by the student in between lessons to engage in "perfect practice". Instead of wasting time on the driving range repeatedly making the same habitual swing flaws, the student will now have access to a sheltered video bay using "HOT LINES".

This revolutionary invention reduces the time and energy necessary for change and to learn new habits.