Putting comprises 40% - 45% of all strokes during a round; however, from a mechanical view it is probably the least practiced. The following drill will help you train your eyes to see the intended line, and keep the putter moving straight back and through with a square putterface.

Improve your putting and you will lower your scores.

Use a Chalk Line or Carpenter’s Line


Place a chalk line on a straight five-foot putt to practice on the putting green. Align your body parallel to the line. The putterface at address will be perpendicular to the line. With a ball on the line, stroke the putt keeping the putter moving back and through over the line. If all is performed mechanically correct, the ball will roll down the line and into the cup.
Repetition will groove your stroke. The more you do it, the more you gain confidence that the ball starts and stays rolling down the intended line.

Note: A chalk line or carpenter’s line can be purchased inexpensively at any local hardware department. The line is not permanent and will not harm the green. It washes away with morning dew, rain or sprinkler water.