Strategy Development

Connie DeMattia begins all new student (adult and junior) lessons with an assessment of the golf swing. His initial evaluation discusses the strengths and weaknesses along with the necessary starting points for improvement. 

To complement his complete understanding of the golf swing, one of the many benefits of working with Connie DeMattia is his specialty in preparing students about how to learn and correctly practice for accelerated results and accomplishment. Connie strongly believes he can make a greater impact on an individual's game by offering useful programs and fully utilizing available resources to meet the goals and desires of each student. 

Throughout the process of building an instructor-to-student relationship, all of the following will be addressed:

  • History of golf experience.
  • Responding to previous unsatisfactory performance.
  • Dealing with external time constraints.
  • Integrating swing changes with the ability to play and score.
  • Awarenes of all the performance factors.
  • Managing and optimizing practice time.
  • Developing a program strategy that optimizes spending budgets.
  • Post lesson communication and follow-up.