Youth Links Certification

The Cantigny Foundation designed the 9-hole Cantigny Youth Links Course especially for junior golfers ages 8-15. Cantigny Youth Links is Chicago areas most prized resource for all desiring to learn and play the the game of golf.

Children at least 8 years old who want to play the Cantigny Youth Links without adult supervision need to be certified. The certification process is easy, and no previous course experience is required! Simply enroll in the Level 1 Certification Clinics.

Certification lessons introduce juniors to the basics in full swing, chipping and putting, as well as an introduction to safety and etiquette requirements. Certification lessons prepare the young golfers for certification testing and on-course evaluation for unaccompanied (without adult supervision) play at the Cantigny Youth Links.
Juniors must meet minimum requirements to become certified.

Please visit the CantignyGolf website,, for schedule and clinic dates, or contact the Cantigny Golf Academy, 630-260-8199 for more information.