Set Up For Success
What golfer wouldn’t want to hit their ball straighter? The key lies in setting up properly to the golf ball, and everyone needs to practice proper alignment to a target. Correct alignment will give you a better chance for straighter ball flight.

Learning to Aim.
Always begin by setting the clubface “square” or aiming down your intended target line. Next, using the leading edge of the clubface as your guiding point, set your body perpendicular to the clubface and parallel to the line which you want the ball to start.
(Proper shoulder and forearm alignment is more important than the feet. Why? The hands and arms are holding and directing the path of the club, therefore, emphasize good shoulder alignment since the arms are attached to the body in the shoulders.)

Positioning the ball.
The position of the ball in relation to your body is one of the most important and most overlooked fundamentals in golf.

The ball is always positioned according to the left side of your body (assuming you are swinging right handed), and more specifically in relation to the left shoulder. Use your feet as a reference, but only if you’ve taken a balanced and proper setup with your feet the width of your shoulders.
Example 1: A driver should be positioned even with your left shoulder joint, which should be opposite your left heel.
Example 2: The ball is steadily moved back with each club until you get to the middle of your stance with a wedge (most loft, further set back).
*Very important* As clubs get shorter and more lofted, it is the added loft that dictates the ball moving back from the left shoulder joint. Lofted clubs will “square up” sooner than less lofted clubs in a good golf swing.

Your alignment and ball position determines to a great extent the path of your swing and the direction of your ball flight. Learn to play with proper aim and with the ball in the correct position to enjoy better ball flight.