A golfer cannot expect to play the game with more precision than is built into it. In order to have consistency, the golf swing must meet three requirements – to control
A) the Clubshaft
B) the Clubhead
C) the Clubface

Clubshaft Control is also known as “Swing Plane”.
The club is designed on an inclined angle; therefore, all the action of the golf club takes place on an inclined plane throughout the swing.

Clubhead Control can be termed “Lag”.
The golf swing generates its’ power from a pivot. Turning around a center creates centrifugal force. As the body rotates it generates speed to the arms, hands and clubhead. At no point on the downswing should the clubhead pass the arms and hands (it “lags” behind). Therefore, at impact the ball is struck with the clubhead traveling at its’ fastest.

Clubface Control begins with a “flat left wrist”.
At the moment of impact, the left wrist should be flat, with no angle between the back of the left hand and forearm. The left arm and club can swing from the left shoulder allowing the clubface to move through impact either; square, open or closed.