Junior Pricing

Junior Group Programs and Playing Lessons

Golf lessons are ideal for juniors who desire to learn in a group setting.  Whether it is with siblings, a small group of friends or mom and dad, everyone is provided with the tools necessary to improve every facet of their game.

Junior Group Programs & Playing Lessons $ by quote 

Scoring Efficiency: Shot Tracker

Shot Tracker provides an extremely accurate and personalized analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game. It is a subscription based web service (not a downloadable application) so you can access your account through my website from any browser.

Connie DeMattia is the designated "group leader" for all his participating students who are serious about improving. Enrollment in this yearly program saves you $30 off the regular retail price.

You will find that Shot Tracker goes far beyond
one-dimensional traditional golf statistics!

Scoring Efficency: Shot Tracker   $ Complimentary

Custom Learning & Training Program Design

Custom Learning and Training Program Design is a specialty of Connie DeMattia.  Based on his 20 years of teaching and playing experience, Connie has the ability to outline the specific steps, or better yet, the exact "How To" process for applying lesson information into achieving the stated golf performance goals and objectives of every individual.

Program Design combines the pricing of prepaid lesson series
with studio practice and/or the need for golf-specific
physical training, mental training, properly fit equipment,
on-course management and Golf Academy practice memberships.

Program Design
Actual Program
$ Complimentary
$ based on individual needs

Posture and Body Structure Assessment

This assessment is designed to help students to better understand muscle and connective tissue imbalances (tightness and weakness) within specific areas of their own body.  In turn, this information is beneficial for understanding how it it effecting their set up, swing motion and ultimately golf-performance.

Control of the golf ball (distance and direction), and the function of every swing (golf club control) is directly related to the structure of the human body.

Posture and Body Structure Assessment  $ Complimentary


Connie DeMattia is a certified clubfitter, and he will help you find the right clubs specific to your game and skill level.

With the Taylor-Made,Titleist and/or Nike Selectfit Systems, the new quick change methods allow driver heads and iron heads to be changed into a vast array of demo shafts.  Stocked with dozens of clubheads of differing characteristics and dozens of shafts of differing make, flex, kickpoint and length,
the number of complete possibilities offers more than
186 driver combinations and more than 258 iron possibilities.

All clubs are priced competitively to or better than retail outlet pricing.



Clubfitting $200 Full Bag
$110 Driver
$110 iron set



Swing Highlight DVD for College Coaches

College coaches are intent on viewing all prospective recruits golf swings.  This highlight DVD is a compilation of various golf shots. 

Video is filmed preferably from on course situations or around the practice areas and putting greens.  The video is then transferred to DVD format and arranged for one or many college coaches to enjoy.

Cost:  $60