Teaching Philosophy
Connie DeMattia believes the purpose of his golf instrution is to help golfers identify and achieve their true and optimal golf performance potential.  His philosophy and approach for student development is based on several principles, which include:
  • The relationship begins with an understanding of every individual's goals and desires.
  • Proper learning and training ensures improvement and progress with each student.
  • A player must not expect to play the game of golf with more precision than is built into it, therefore, learn feel from proper technique.
  • Performance instruction needs to be done in a fully-integrated manner which will effectively support all the factors of performance.
  • Structure (human body) governs function (golf swing), therefore, establish a fundamental setup because pre-swing keys have a direct relationship with the motions of the golf swing:
  • The function of all golf swing motions is to generate direction and distance, therefore, all motions must include the essentials (pivot, balance, & rhythm) and the imperatives (swing shape, impact alignment of the arms, hands and clubface).
  • Playing allows everyone to "test" their technique and progress.  Be mentally prepared for all situations.