Initial Evaluation
Connie DeMattia begins all new student relationships with an assessment of the golf swing. His initial evaluation discusses the strengths and weaknesses along with the necessary starting points for improvement. In order to ensure progress and improvement, an identifiable baseline and/or starting point must be established from which to work from and obtain quantifiable results.

The initial evaluation provides an objective measurement of golf–specific performance elements which include: Posture, Ball Position, Balance, Flexibility, Pivot, Power, Control, Speed and Rythm.

The amount of information you receive may exceed your ability to remember. To help you to identify with much of the information, DeMattia provides three valuable resources for all his students:

  • The complementary instructional notebook (retail value $19.95) provides the basic building blocks and fundamentals for the mechanics of swinging. Taking good notes will be vital to your understanding and the application of correct technique.
  • An instructional DVD is created during all studio sessions.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize the Swing Locker on the home page of the DeMattiaGolf website to view your most recent golf swings.

While at home, prior to practicing and before returning for a next session, it will sharpen your focus to review your notes, dvd or watch your swings from the earlier lessons.